The shooting ground

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Why the Jerring?

The best of All

The Jerring is the largest and one of the highest quality shooting ground in Hungary, which is situated in 50 acres of land. It is a unique ground not only in Hungary but in Europe too, as there are hardly any other shooting grounds where compak sporting and sporting layouts are available, especially in such a large number.

On the Great Plain it is very unique to find such a healthy micro climate, which is provided by the huge oak forest, where the shooting ground is located. Due to the pleasant micro climate the ground can be used comfortably in both winter and summer.

At Jerring we strived to be made of all natural materials, using plenty of wood,our clays decompose, they do not harm the environment.

We created 26 layouts at the shooting ground of which 22 are sporting and 5 are fully automated compak sporting layouts.

We have 10 risen shooting position so we can simulate the conditions of various mountain locations, as well as the most unexpected shooting situations.

A 150-square-meter club house and event centre await visitors and can accommodate up to 100 people or more at a time.

The shooting ground and the club house and the oak forest itself can serve as a venue for a wide range of social events, it is also suitable for bachelor parties, birthdays and team buliding trainings.
Only your imagination can limit these events. We provide the venue, catering, professional supervision, but we are also glad to help you figure out the events.

The history of Jerring

The centre of shooting

When I dreamed of the Jerring shooting ground, I was improving my knowledge at a significantly smaller shooting range, but as I gained more and more international experience, the time has come to construct the most professional shooting ground of Hungary.

Not only one shooting ground was on my mind but I wanted to create a community centre because in addition to clay shooting my other passion is organising sport events. I spotted this beautiful oak forest many years ago, which eventually became the home of the JERRING shooting ground.

The actual work started in the autumn of 2019, and thanks to the local council of Felgyő and my family’s support we constructed the shooting ground in a few months.