Borsodi Parcours GP

Sporting – 200 clays – 2 lines – australian system

Date of competition: 1-2nd April. JERRING, Boldva

Begining time: sat-sun 9:00 h

Entry fee:
Individual: 140 EUR / Junior: 70 EUR


Evaluation: Based on the total results achieved during the competition in individual and team. In case of pre-registration of a minimum of 3 people per category!
Our foreign guest will be in separate category.

Awards: We raffle a Red Stag hunting up to 6kg trophy weight at the local hunting group and JERRING voucher

Training: 21-31 March, 9:00-16:00h

Entry: fitascsporting.hu or info@jerring.hu

Office: Olasz Gery

Course designer: Tamás Jéri - Fitasc Official Course Designer

List of competitors and schedule: