Shooting ground in the shade of the oaks

Learn from the world champion in the biggest shooting ground of Hungary! 

Join our association, take part in our shooting competitions all year around!

“I’ve dreamed a lot about becoming a world champion. But maybe even more, to create the most
professional, largest shooting ground for you. And that I will teach everybody about this amazing sport.

Because shooting is a fantastic experience, but shooting very well is out of this world.”

The latest shooting ground of Hungary

50 acres of land

The Jerring is the largest and highest standard shooting ground in Hungray, which is situated in 50 acres of land.

26 layouts

5 fully automated compak sporting and 22 sporting layouts await you at the shooting ground. A 100 m running boar is being planned.

The world champion teaches

The professional manager and owner of the shooting ground is Tamás Jéri, the youngest talent and dare-devil of Hungarian clay shooting, World and European champion sport shooter.

Oak Forest

On the Great Plain, it is rare to find a healthy micro climate, which is provided by the oak forest at thelocation of the shooting ground.

Club House

In the centre of the shooting ground, a 150-square-meter club house and event centre await our visitors with all amenities.


At the shooting ground everything is made of natural materials, with plenty of wood. The clays decompose, they do not harm the environment.