tamás jéri

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world- and european champion

Jéri Tamás

He is the dreamer, owner and professional manager of the Jerring shooting ground.

Tamás is the dare-devil of the clay shooting, despite his age of 28, he holds many national and international titles.

In 2016, he won the European and World Championship in clay shooting. In the continental battle, he fought a big battle for the gold medal with the legendary Englishman, George Digweed. As at the compak sporting championship, out of 200, he shot 198, and he won with 3 clays advantage.

In 2019, he finished third at the European Championship in Larnaca,Cyprus, and won the individual European Cup.

He won a silver medal at the 2020 World Cup in Italy. He has managed to shoot 100 out of 100 clays four times, which is a real rarity in this sport.

Tamás as he said it about himself he was born in a weapon-turning hunting family.He obtained a gun license by the age of 18 and in a few months time, he even won a competition.In his junior years, he won competitions after competitions year by year.

Tamás, in his own opinion, got in the forefront due to his fanatstic endurance and diligence, not his exceptional talent, which can be a serious encouragement to those who are new to this sport.